Natural Urinary Tract Infection Relief

Well, it’s pretty personal, but I thought I might as well share this with you. For sometime now I’m finding my self running to the bathroom way to often. Really, like every 30 minuets or so. I'm even waking up 4 or 5 times a night just because I have to go. I started to get scared of the situation and besides, I found it very uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing. I couldn’t sit still during a meeting, I couldn’t even watch a movie without having to get out and disturb everyone in my row.

I took some tests and it turned out that I have a urinary tract infection or a UTI. You know, my bladder can only stretch up to a certain amount and when the bladder muscle fills with urine, it stretches. When urine is released, the bladder contracts. However, waiting too long to urinate stretches the bladder beyond its capacity, which weakens the bladder. So my bladder became weak and I got this infection. And I don’t want to get it ever again!

A close friend recommended Sunshine HealthUri Relief” which strengthens the urinary tract, consequently reducing the risk of infection. If you’re prone to UTIs—and many people, especially women, are—it may be wise to be proactive and take SH “Uri Relief” as prevention. The combination of herbs and vitamins that compose the “Uri Relief” capsule promote overall urinary tract health.

At the same time, “Uri Relief” serves as treatment for infections. It takes away the pain and rids the body of infection. Last night we've been to a play and guess what... not even once!

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