Prevent and treat hyperglycemia using "Sugar Control"

Living with type 2 diabetes means living with hyperglycemia. This condition develops when there is too much sugar in the blood which can lead to:

1. Extreme thirst
2. Frequent urination
3. High sugar levels in the urine
4. High sugar levels in the blood

There are a few ways you can treat hyperglycemia, including drinking more water, exercising frequently, changing eating habits and even consulting your doctor and checking medication alternatives.

There are also natural supplements that can ease the symptoms of hyperglycemia and one of them is Natural Health’s “Sugar Control”. These capsules helped thousands of diabetes patients throughout the world and were specially designed to remedy sugar imbalance.

As past experience has shown, once you start taking the all natural, 100% safe SH “Sugar Control” capsules, you gradually decrease your dosage of medicine. In many cases, people needed no medication at all within weeks! (It is important to consult your physician before decreasing your medication.)

As with all other Sunshine Health herbal blends, “Sugar Control” has no side effects so if you suffer from diabetes, hyperglycemia or related symptoms, suffer no longer! Take “Sugar Control” capsules and see for yourself how wonderful you’ll feel.

Natural Vomiting Relief Tips

I can get along with headaches, back pains or even the common cold. But you know what I really hate? I hate nausea and vomiting. Ughhh… Talk about being sick. And it always feels like there’s nothing to do about it. You know? And I get motion sickness all the time! And I’m a traveling businessman. Great… Did you know that the exact mechanism of nausea has never been discerned?

Well, the good news is that scientists found out that several herbs are really effective in alleviating nausea and vomiting. Ginger root is always a great help and chamomile can also do the trick. So if you have a ginger or chamomile tea bag around the house, drink it, but don’t drink it fast.

The even better news is that the guys at Sunshine Health came with “Nausea & Vomiting Relief” - a special combination of the five most potent plants and herbs, including ginger and chamomile, and also Calamus root, Goldenseal root, Spearmint and Yellow Flower.

There’s no reason to suffer from nausea or vomiting. As in most cases, diet and emotional balance play a part. Maintain a quality diet, aim to alleviate or eliminate stress, and take SH “Nausea & Vomiting Relief” capsules. Together, you have a surefire recipe for relief.

Don’t let life get you down. Try Natural Depression Remedy

“My wife is in her 2nd year of Physical Therapy studies. In one year she’s going to be a doctor, and I’m going to be dead. Really. You just don’t how it’s like. She’s extremely stressed, and it’s even more than that. Let’s say things break in the house and lately the stress turned into actual depression! There a lot going on in her life and school and she just shuts off, especially when she doesn’t get the best grades. It’s been going on for months now and I know it’s not a real mental disorder but just a period in life that brings her down.”

If you also feel moody and sometimes out of control, Sunshine Health “Mood Balance” capsules are exactly what you need. They are 100% safe, natural and effective. The special formula was designed to curtail mood swings generally associated with PMS, Postpartum depression and other mild forms of depression. They’re also helpful for anyone who tends to feel low frequently, or finds his/her mood fluctuating easily.

For women, especially, hormonal challenges often wreak havoc with their moods. Pregnancy, the menstrual cycle and menopause, not to mention natural hormonal fluctuations, may make a woman feel unsettled and moody. “Mood Balance” will settle and calm those ebbs and flows. They will provide the necessary balance.

Don’t let life get you down. Take SH Natural Depression Remedy “Mood Balance” capsules and see how they give you that positive push. Lift your spirits and feel good!

Do Vitamins Work? Read Sunshine Health Success Stories

You know, some people are still skeptical about taking vitamins. They ask them selves "Do vitamins work?" and find it hard to believe that a daily supplement can add a little sunshine into their lives. Not to toot our own horn but sometimes we read our customers emails and just gotta say “we told you so!”

Here are a few success stories, brought to you by our happy customers:

Dear Sunshine Health...

"I must commend you on your excellent products, specifically your 'Throat & Voice Relief' dietary supplement. During the last ten years, my throat has been giving me difficulty, often feeling sore or making my voice sound raspy and hoarse. Apparently, there is no medical explanation for these symptoms, except perhaps that it’s age-related. I assumed that this was a discomfort I’d simply have to live with. Instead, I discovered your product. Since taking your 'Throat & Voice Relief' capsules, I no longer suffer any throat discomfort at all. My voice is clear again. I feel absolutely wonderful."
Dr. Rudolph M.
Westchester, NY

"Wow! That’s all I can say about Sunshine Health’s 'constipation relief' capsule. What a great product! For the first time since I can remember, I don’t feel bloated or uncomfortable or sluggish. I have regular bowel movements and can live a normal life. Keep making these great products; they’re a godsend."

Esther J. Brooklyn,

"We are a family of allergy sufferers. I suffer from rose fever, my wife attracts pollen like honey attracts bees, and my kids think that going through a box of Kleenex daily is a normal part of life. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. OTC, prescription products… the works. Nothing gave us all lasting relief. Until now. Sunshine’s allergy relief supplements gave us exactly what it promised: R-E-L-I-E-F! And so quickly! We’re all doing great, knock on wood. I guess I better change the first sentence I wrote in this paragraph to 'We were a family of....'”

Mr. Bierman

Hoboken, NJ

Visit us Sunshine Health and learn how to promote your body's well-being and ideal balance.

Natural Ways to Strengthen your Immune System

Winter is coming and our immune system is kicking into high gear. Generally, we can trust our immune system, but why not give it a hand this cold season?

Here are a few things that can help you boost your immune system:

Vitamin C. The king of vitamins, targets viruses and bacteria and can be found in various citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, and also in apples and cabbages.

Vitamin A. The infection-fighting vitamin regulates the immune system by making white blood cells that destroy viruses and bacteria. Drink whole milk and eat liver, carrot, broccoli and sweet potatoes.

Eat right. Maintaining a healthy, well balanced diet can help your body stay strong during the cold season.

Sleep. If you don’t sleep, you depress your immune system, making your body more vulnerable to viruses and infections.

Stay Calm. Don’t worry about catching the flu all day long because stress is proven to reduce the immune system.

Defense System. Proven effective in boosting and strengthening the immune system.

Your immune system is your key to glowing health. By taking Sunshine Health “Defense System” capsules, you will support your immune system so that it can support you. Protect your health!

Natural Urinary Tract Infection Relief

Well, it’s pretty personal, but I thought I might as well share this with you. For sometime now I’m finding my self running to the bathroom way to often. Really, like every 30 minuets or so. I'm even waking up 4 or 5 times a night just because I have to go. I started to get scared of the situation and besides, I found it very uncomfortable and somewhat embarrassing. I couldn’t sit still during a meeting, I couldn’t even watch a movie without having to get out and disturb everyone in my row.

I took some tests and it turned out that I have a urinary tract infection or a UTI. You know, my bladder can only stretch up to a certain amount and when the bladder muscle fills with urine, it stretches. When urine is released, the bladder contracts. However, waiting too long to urinate stretches the bladder beyond its capacity, which weakens the bladder. So my bladder became weak and I got this infection. And I don’t want to get it ever again!

A close friend recommended Sunshine HealthUri Relief” which strengthens the urinary tract, consequently reducing the risk of infection. If you’re prone to UTIs—and many people, especially women, are—it may be wise to be proactive and take SH “Uri Relief” as prevention. The combination of herbs and vitamins that compose the “Uri Relief” capsule promote overall urinary tract health.

At the same time, “Uri Relief” serves as treatment for infections. It takes away the pain and rids the body of infection. Last night we've been to a play and guess what... not even once!

Sooth your throat with Throat and Voice Relief

Being a teacher is quite demanding. I got papers to read, tests to grade, and I have to be ready for each and every class. Which is fine, because I love being a teacher.

But lately, I started to face a relatively new problem. It has nothing to do with salary or benefits, and got nothing to do with ADD. It’s actually my throat.

I started noticing that my throat is giving me difficulty, often feeling sore or making my voice sound hoarse and raspy. I assumed that this is a part of being a teacher and that I will have to live with it. Then I discovered “Throat and Voice Relief”.

You see, “Throat & Voice Relief” capsules soothe my throat and strengthen my vocal chords. They shrink polyps and help prevent inflammation of the vocal chords.
If you’re using your voice more than the average person, just like me, taking Sunshine Health “Voice & Throat Relief” capsules on a daily basis is a great idea. Cantors and singers have been taking Sunshine Healthway “Throat & Voice Relief” capsules for years. It’s their secret to success, and it could be yours, too.